WordPress Review sites

Review sites are an affiliate marketer’s dream. You can catch people right on the cusp of purchasing, in addition to promoting more than one products within your niche with a site. Not just that, they can be easy to set up, especially if you utilize a WordPress comparison theme! wordpress comparison theme

When folks are in the final stages of deciding to purchase a product, they often consider the Internet to research their decision. Say a potential customer decided to get hosting. He wonders, “What hosting company should I go with?” So he turns towards the Internet, trying to find “Web Host Reviews” or something similar.

Now, if you have a review site developed, you’re able to recieve his query. The great thing about this website is that you may have several company programs in an identical field, all with your affiliate link. So if our hypothetical customer selected Company A from the review, he may visit your link, go to the website, and sign up. And that can put money in your pocket.

So how do you create this review site in WordPress? Open source GPL WordPress themes are your best option. With a ready made theme, you are able to simply fill in your reviews. The only problem is that many themes are not developed to act as a review site. You’ll need to customize it by stripping the dates, adding video, creating your own personal header, and making it look professional.

Of themes made specifically to work as comparison themes, many aren’t customizable. But I’ve found one that’s easy to customize. It comes with its own set of stock photos,in addition to a choice of headers. It looks professional. This template is also easy to set up and get live. If you want to see this theme in action

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