Three Ways To Source Products Fast

One of the biggest questions that any Amazon trainer or consultant gets on a regular basis is How To Source Products fast to re-sell on sites such as eBay and Amazon. But before I get into the main part of the article I do need to have a little chat with you.

I guess you have by now you have sold all the unwanted items in your home and the homes of family and friends. Is this right..? Now I am not pointing any fingers but many times the answer that I get is No, but I still need to source items to sell. Please stop and take some action. Start to list items around your home, make the mistakes, and learn from those mistakes and when you have sold all those personal items you will have gained both experience and will also have got some cash to buy your stock. Is that fair?

Drop Shippers – This is one quick way to get products listed in your online store in a matter of hours. Honest you can find a drop-shipper, sign up and in hours can have thousands of items listed, and you only buy once you have sold. Now while this sounds good, please be very careful, not all drop-shippers are good and at times you are selling on the same sites as they are. Just check them out, and never pay to become a drop-shipper.

Three Ways To Source Products Fast

Wholesalers / Cash & Carry – Take a look in your local Yellow Pages, or Trade Directory. Here you will find loads of different wholesalers who are ready and waiting to take your money, and in return you will get some cool products to resell online for a nice profit. In this industry you need to buy low and sell high.

Closeout – This is often hard to find, but once you have find these closeout / liquidators you often can make massive amounts of money. These companies take stock from firms who have closed down or end of lines. Again as long as you are careful you very often can make huge amounts of cash.

The above are very quick examples of how to find items for Amazon product sourcing, yes it can be that simple but in closing please do not just go out and buy anything because it is cheap. You could be lucky and be able to sell it all on and make a profit, but you also could be left with a box load of rubbish. Go online and do some research and if this research confirms all is well, go out and buy.

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