San Diego PCB Assembly Services

PCB assembly San Diego provides PCB assembly services by contract for equipment manufacturers. Its focus is on the manufacture of printed circuit boards that large PCB assembly companies consider “too small” to place on their automated assembly lines. They mount amounts ranging from a few hundred tables to individual tables.

PCB assembly San Diego specializes in the mechanized assembly of PCBs. Their computerized machines assemble circuit boards with superior positioning accuracy to manually assembled circuit boards.

Production of PCBs mounted on machines:

  • Beta executions machine-mounted PCBs
  • A prototype of machine-mounted PCB is executed
  • Manual mounted PCB prototype assemblies
  • Turnkey executions and consignment.
  • Design Consulting for Manufacturing (DFM)

Offer of printed circuit board assembly services:

  • Basic assembly through surface, for ultra-thin passage BGA
  • Customized in the United States QuickTurn and high resolution, low volume.
  • Assembly of offshore PCB for greater volume
  • Qualified welding technicians and automated assembly.
  • PCBs assembled in less than 24 hours.
  • Punctual delivery guaranteed.

San Diego PCB Assembly Services

Types of services that offer PCB assembly San Diego:


You provide all parts, including printed circuit boards and electronic components, that assemble your plates using state-of-the-art automated equipment.

Partially Kitted

You provide the “hard-to-find” parts, the “customized” parts, the parts you have in stock, whatever the parts you own! They help you get the rest of the parts, the PCBs, what you do not supply and then assemble your printed circuit boards.

Complete turnkey

They can manage the entire process, from the purchase of printed circuit boards and all parts, to assembly and testing, according to the need of their application.

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