PCB Manufacturers’ Tactic Followed in PCB Manufacturing

PCB manufacturers across the world have today come with different methodologies to design printed circuit boards in keeping with the growing demand fro these electronic devices. Here are a few most commonly used techniques that you may want to know about to get the optimal benefit for your PCB manufacturing. They differ from each other in the subtractive methods involved.

PCB manufacturers’ photo engraving method:

In this method PCB manufacturers use photo mask as well as chemical etching for removing the superfluous copper from the substrate. And interestingly, this photo mask is created with the help of a photo plotter that is again created by a skilled designer via computer based manufacturing software.

PCB manufacturers’ silk screen printing method:

PCB manufacturers use this methodology, when they have to use the subtractive method to etch resistant ink on the important parts. This is to protect the requisite copper foils. At the same time the etching process also helps in removing the unwanted or undesirable copper. This method is often times used in manufacturing flexible printed circuit.

PCB milling used by PCB manufacturers:

Unlike in the previous two methods mentioned above, in PCB milling, PCB manufacturers use the PCB prototype for milling away any detrimental copper foils from the substrate. In this system the plotter and the commands are transmitted via the host software that controls the positions of the entire axis. Hence, they are also known as two or three axis mechanical milling system.

PCB Manufacturers' Tactic Followed in PCB Manufacturing

Lamination method in PCB manufacturing:

The lamination method is used by PCB manufacturers in printed circuit board manufacturing when there is the need for bonding of multiple thin trace layers or etched boards. This methodology is also referred to as multi layer printed circuits.

PCB manufacturers’ drilling method:

The drilling method is used in the production of PCBs so that it connects every single layer of the PCB with the other layer. This, as the name indicate is done by drilling holes with an automated drilling machine. The holes are known as VIAS. These drills are computer driven and are also called excellon files in technical language. It is to be mentioned here that every wall of a multi layered board is copper plated. This forms plate through holes connecting the PCB’s conductive layers.

Though the entire printed circuit board manufacturing process is a complex and costly affair, yet it is highly rewarding when it comes to long term benefits. Order printed circuit boards from the best PCB manufactures across the world and enjoy cost effective and reliable services for all your electronic applications.

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