How to Pick a Good Name For Your Dog

Choosing a dog’s name is very important. You and your pet will be together for a long time, so you should make sure you are happy about it. Here are some tips on choosing a good name for your best friend.

Do not rush into naming your puppy. Take a few days and get to know your dog’s personality. I once worked with a K-9 that was called “Jocko”. It was a perfect name for him. He was always happy and always seemed to have a smile on his face. Once you know your puppy a little better, it will be easier to give a name.

Beware of the bad names of dogs. As a professional trainer, I noticed that many dogs obey their names. Chaos, Satan, Trouble, Spaz are the kinds of names I’m talking about. People will treat dogs the way they are named.

Choose a name that is easy to pronounce. The names of a syllable are the best. Dogs with two or three syllable names tend to have short nicknames.

How to Pick a Good Name For Your Dog

Name it to fit your origin, if you want. Gustav is a great name for a German shepherd, not the best name for a dog playing with the Nova Scotia duck.

There are books that have names and where they come from. Go to the local bookstore or bookstore and check the name books. Choose a name of an area that interests you.

You can click here to browse many more dog ideas online.

A friend of mine who is very interested in Greek mythology named his dog “Odin”. Are you interested in certain genres, hobbies, movies, cars? All possible names for your new dog.

You want your dog to stop jumping, come when you call, walk on the leash and more? Choose a good dog name.

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