China Manufacturing

American Business Manufacturers have for the most part outsourced manufacturing to China due to reduced labor costs of up to 70 percent savings. This cost is then transferred to American consumers and is self regulating due to normal supply and demand and competition with other retail outlets.

An American business who wishes to compete with the new world economic system usually will be outsourcing manufacturing to China to be competitive here in the States. This can seem like a daunting task as most people do not really know where to begin. The best place to start is with a company who already has an established relationship with Chinese Factories. A company that is based here in the States but also has Manufacturing Factories overseas.

For example, if a US company needs an inexpensive manufacturer of China products, they would call this established company and talk to an English speaking American here in the states which really helps in building a relationship and in clarity as there is not as much room for miscommunication due to language difficulties.

China Manufacturing

As we all know while China is leading the Manufacturing role in the world economy, yet they still have room for improvement in quality standards as we have all read in the news. That is why it is essential to contact a company that is based in the USA to assure quality standards. If for no other reason than to assure accurate communication between you and the Manufacturer. English to Chinese and vise versa are very hard languages to bridge for anyone.

Usually when purchasing a product from China it will be delivered on a ship that has to cross the Ocean. This will take a total of about 4 weeks after shipment. Then it will arrive at customs at the port of your choice and at that point you will have to use a customs broker to work the product through customs. It is possible to do this yourself if you are present where the shipment arrives, but even so the broker is the fastest and easiest way to go in my experience.

Ideally you want your China Manufacturer to have people already set up for you to work with to make this whole process easier. Again, using a company with a branch here in the US assures the best possible assistance for you.

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