Checking For STDs

Getting a sexually transmitted diseases is something that people should be aware of, if they are sexually active or not. Diseases are transmitted easily and can take control of your life and anyone that you infect. You should be aware of STD testing and how it can benefit you or your partner. If you have sex with multiple partners, it is highly advised to get std testing done. Options for testing includes STD home testing, going to free clinics for STD testing, or just going into your primary doctor. You will get the std testing you need along with other support to guide you in your journey of dealing with stds.

What Tests Are Available?

STD testing comes in different packages according to your needs and budget. Most At Home STD Tests will come with urine cups, swabs, bio-hazard bags, transport tubes, and ice packs, all depending on what each test requires as you can see from Mylabbox. Sexually transmitted diseases testing is available for chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV, and syphilis. Costs for tests range from about $125 to $250, but syphilis only cost about $25. Shipping for the kits will also be charged and range from about $45 to $80, and is usually done via Fed Ex. Results for these tests can take anywhere from 2-7 days, depending on which test you choose. Not all STD home testing kits are approved by the FDA, so research each one until you find one that is approved.

Why Choose Free Clinics

Dealing with an sexually transmitted diseases on your own can be scary and lonely. If you fear rejection or judgement from others about getting an std testing done, look for free clinics for std testing in your area. Clinics can benefit you in ways that going to your own doctor cannot. Since the clinics are mainly for STD testing and disease control, the general population of patients attending will be there for that reason. Judgements will be lowered or eliminated since everyone will be sitting and waiting for STD testing.

If you wish to speak to someone regarding your situation prior to STD testing, counseling will be provided. Once you have completed your STD testing, counseling is provided to speak about your options if you show positive results. Surgery is usually a last option, but the clinic may have doctors they can refer you to.

What to Do If You Are Positive For STDs

Getting back positive results from STD testing can make you feel dirty and less of a person. It is important not to sulk in your sorrows for long because the disease is not going away. Taking action against your disease is a healthy way to overcome it. If you took a STD home testing kit, be sure to call your doctor or the health department right away. Make an appointment to get checked. They can do internal exams to see how far the disease has spread. If you found out the results of your STD testing from one of the free clinics for testing, ask them for help. They can send you to a doctor who will further examine you. Ask all the questions you can about the disease, educating yourself so you can protect yourself during sex in the future.

STDS can be deadly in some cases, so it is important to get the help you need immediately. You should understand the types of stds and the STD testing available for them. Never avoid taking STD testing if you feel you are at risk. Exposure to stds left unnoticed can lead to serious problems which may affect more than just your sexual organs. Antibiotics can be prescribed if you are suffering from a large breakout, but that only helps to rid of inflammation from the disease and will not cure it.

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