Car Rental on vacation

Many times when business travelers or vacationers travel they decide to rent a car. If you are considering this option then you will have many choices or car rental companies. Sometimes it can be hard to decide whether you should go to one of the top car rental companies such as enterprize car rental or stick with a local car rental company.

Often times you are better off to go with a large company, because they will offer you things such as free upgrades and roadside assistance. Road side assistance is especially helpful when on vacation. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road in a rental car!

Rental car companies offer many different size options. This is fantastic because people are able budget their car rental with the size of car that they will need. The following car rental options are available from enterprize car rental as well as many other car rental companies:

Subcompact- The subcompact option is a 2 door or 4 door car. It is usually a Ford Focus or similar. This is an economical option. Most subcompact cars come with an AM/FM radio. They can seat 4 adults; however they may become uncomfortable for back seat passengers after long periods of time.

Compact- Compact cars are a nice option. The compact cars from enterprize car rental are slightly larger than the subcompact. Most compacts can fit 5 adults and 1 large suite case. More often than not there is room in the trunk for additional duffle bags or small suite cases.

Intermediate- Many car rental companies offer cars similar to the Toyota Corolla as an intermediate option. These cars offer a decent amount of space. They can seat 5 adults and they have plenty of trunk space for luggage. At enterprize car rental the intermediate car comes with options such as cruise control and a CD player. This makes it a great car for family travel.

voltage motorStandard- Many companies offer a standard car as well. The standard is usually similar to the Ford Fusion. The standard is ideal for most families. Standard vehicles offer a smooth ride and ample leg room. The standard also comes with options such as a CD player, power windows, and cruise control. Read more on

Full- The fullsized car is nice for business travelers. It makes a nice impression on clients and has enough space to carry the business person’s luggage and passengers. The full-sized model that enterprize car rental offers is similar to the Dodge Charger.

Luxury- Luxury models are impressive. They often come loaded with options. Luxury cars at most car rental companies are a Rent a Car Dubai or Lincoln Town car or something similar to it. The luxury model is the highest class of car that car rental companies offer. Luxury models are a nice option; however they usually come with a big price tag!

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