Are Professional Invention Assistance Companies Worth It?

As an inventor, you may find the path from conceptualization to commercialization quite challenging. Patent procedures, prototype development, marketing strategies — all these aspects can seem daunting and complex. This is where professional invention assistance companies come into play. One such company is InventHelp, well-known for offering a broad range of services to inventors at different stages of their journey. But the question arises, are these professional invention assistance companies worth it? Why should I use InventHelp invention service company? Let’s explore.

Guidance Through the Patent Process

The patenting process can be intricate and confusing for inventors. A minor oversight or error might lead to the rejection of your application or losing your patent rights. Invoking the services of professional invention assistance companies, like InventHelp, ensures that you have informed guidance along every step of patent submission and approval. They conduct patent searches, prepare necessary documentation, and communicate with patent offices on your behalf.

Helpful in Prototyping

Transforming an idea into a tangible, functional prototype needs time, effort, and technical knowledge. Professional invention assistance companies have networks with prototyping specialists or in-house services, helping you create a functional model embodying your invention idea. A life-like prototype can bring your invention to life, enabling further development and testing.

Assistance in Market Research

Understanding your target market is critical for the success of your invention. Professional invention assistance companies provide crucial help in conducting market research, analyzing potential competition, and evaluating your product’s viability in the market. Their expert insights can help you position your invention strategically and reduce the risk of misdirected efforts.

Increases Commercialization Prospects

The end goal of any invention is to reach the public either through sales or licensing. Invention assistance companies like InventHelp can propose strategies to commercialize your invention. They can connect inventors with manufacturers, retailers, or licensees, presenting opportunities for partnerships or sales. Their experience and industry networks can significantly improve your invention’s exposure and chances of success in the market.

Access to Resources and Network

Professional invention assistance companies have wide-ranging resources available. They have access to professional networks both nationally and internationally across different industries. Their connections can range from patent attorneys, engineers, designers, to manufacturers, and distributors. These resources can be advantageous in making important connections and getting your product to market.

Expertise and Experience

The cumulative experience garnered by these companies in dealing with multiple inventions across different domains makes them proficient in handling assorted scenarios associated with the invention process. Their expert advice can steer inventors towards appropriate and effective solutions.

So, are invention companies worth it? Is success guaranteed with InventHelp? The answer is yes, but it depends on how much you’re willing to put into your idea. While InventHelp has a proven track record of getting inventors their patents, they don’t guarantee success. Like any other business, you have to do your research and find the right fit for your needs.


Professional invention assistance companies like InventHelp come in as a beacon of support in the challenging journey of invention. From patenting to prototyping, from marketing analysis to commercialization, their service portfolio wraps around your invention helping you navigate the often-complex invention process.

Hiring an invention assistance company is an investment, but it’s also a partnership that can significantly boost your chances for success. Your idea, coupled with their expertise, can translate into a well-protected and successful invention, minimizing the risk of failure. However, it’s crucial to choose wisely, opting for credible companies like InventHelp, with solid reviews and a proven track record of helping inventors realize their dreams.

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