Prepare the Patent Application

If the decision is made to seek patent protection, a formal written application must be prepared which fully describes and legally defines the invention. The patent application is an important legal document and should not be undertaken by someone who is not trained and experienced in drafting patent applications. It is highly advisable that a registered patent agency, like Invent Help, or a attorney draft the application with the inventor’s technical input and assistance. A patent application includes a specification, a series of claims, and drawings where necessary for understanding the invention.

The specification must contain a full written disclosure of the invention so that anyone skilled in the area pertaining to the invention would be able to obtain all the necessary information to make and use the invention. It must also disclose the best mode known to the inventor of practicing the invention at the time the application is filed. The inventor must, therefore, be certain to tell the patent attorney everything known about the invention.

The claims determine the scope of protection provided by the patent for the invention. It is the claims that define what the inventor can exclude others from making, using or selling. Great care must be taken to draft patent claims such that they define as broad a scope as possible for the invention while, at the same time, making the claims sufficiently narrow to avoid a challenge to validity based on prior inventions. The initial claims of the application are often amended during the prosecution of the application to more clearly define the patented invention.

Since drawings must comply with detailed Patent Office rules and standards, an experienced patent draftsman should prepare the drawings. The patent attorney preparing the patent application will normally make the arrangements for the services of a competent patent draftsman.

Once the patent application is completed and certain accompanying legal papers are prepared, the application can be filed with the Patent and Trademark Office. When the application has been filed, and not before, the invention may be marked “Patent Pending” or “Patent Applied For.”

The charges for the preparation of the patent application result largely from the amount of time it takes the patent attorney to prepare the application. Hence, savings will often result if the inventor provides the patent agency, like InventHelp, with a full disclosure concerning the invention before preparation of the application begins.

The Two Types of Patent Professionals

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (U.S.P.T.O.) licenses two types of individuals to represent parties before it in patent cases: patent attorneys and patent agents. A patent attorney is a lawyer who is also licensed by the U.S.P.T.O. A patent agency, like Invent Help, is a non-lawyer who is licensed to represent individuals before the U.S.P.T.O. in patent cases.

There are a number of similarities between patent attorneys and patent agents. Both patent attorneys and agents must possess a technical background in at least one of a number of fields approved by the U.S.P.T.O. Both attorneys and agents must be trustworthy and of good moral character. Most importantly, both patent attorneys and agents are required to sit for and pass a rigorous examination in patent law and procedure before receiving a license.

The examination is the same for attorneys and agents, and in order to sit for it, a prospective patent attorney or agent must demonstrate his or her credentials and good character. Once admitted to practice, patent attorneys and agents are bound by the same strict ethical rules.

Before the U.S.P.T.O., a patent agent can perform virtually any task in a patent case that a patent attorney can perform, including the filing and prosecution of a patent application and the recording of papers (like assignments or transfers of rights) that pertain to the patent application. The difference between a patent attorney and a patent agent lies in what the two can do outside of the U.S.P.T.O. Because a patent attorney is also admitted to the general practice of law in at least one state, he or she can also provide assistance with patent-related contract issues, licensing, negotiation…

A patent attorney can also offer opinions on the validity and enforceability of patents, and can assist with other intellectual property matters, such as trademarks and copyrights. Patent agents are not permitted to do these things, because they are considered matters of general law. However, a patent agent may opine on whether an invention appears to be patentable, and may give advice directly related to the pursuit of a patent.

Which One is for Me?

If your needs are limited to obtaining patent protection, then a patent agency, such as InventHelp may be best for you. Keep in mind that patent agents generally charge less than patent attorneys, and a well-trained patent agent may represent a party just as well as a patent attorney. Even if you may eventually need broader legal representation to handle patent licensing, or other related matters, it may be more economical to have a patent agent as your representative before the U.S.P.T.O.

Can You Make Money with Your Idea

Not only a business, but even an idea can make you rich, if it is good enough, and you manage it well. There are certain steps to be followed from having an idea to protecting it and finding a market for it.

Inventors are saying there is nothing new under the sun, so if you want to have an invention, you shouldn’t be looking to discover something completely new. The best and most profitable ideas come from small things improving existing ideas. There is a good article about it online at

You should be looking for problems to be solved in your own experience. Think about the issues around your home: closet organizers were invented by people bothered by the clutter in their closet. Power strips, dusters and stain removers were invented to solve common household problems.

Your workplace can be also a good place for inspiration. Most employers are eager to cut costs and improve productivity and efficiency, so you may think about methods to resolve the things that delay the completion of your work.

You should be looking for ideas that can be applied broadly: it will not make you wealthy if your innovation can be applied only in your department. You also can have innovative ideas about your hobbies. You could invent gadgets that help users enjoy a game more, or learn a skill easier.

Once you have an idea, you should check if anyone had that idea already. You will have to look thorough the records of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). An online search is also available at You can find on the site all patents from 1790 on.

Since 1790, when the first invention was registered in the U.S. 7 million patents were registered. There was an entire wave of new patents in the last years, so there is very good chance that somebody already had your idea. Don’t panic: if someone already had you idea, you can still work to improve it, and this way you still can make money. You can learn more from

If you can’t find anything in the database similar to your idea, you can proceed to the next step: the preliminary patent search, which can take 25-30 hours. This helps you to assess how good your idea is, and who are your potential competitors. A full search, which involves a professional, consists in a review of international patents, patent literature, and other resources beyond the easy reach.

Once I’m “patent pending” can I discuss my invention openly?

One can claim “patent pending” status after a provisional, utility, design or plant application is filed. But the answer to this question is a bit complicated. Basically an applicant should show as little as possible as much as possible.

The only reason an applicant would show data about the application is when the applicant is attempting to interest a person or firm to license or assign the rights to the patent, once the application is granted. The prospective licensee might also choose to “buy the whole application” when, for example, the company or person wants the applied for invention to be kept secret. You can find many useful tips on internet, but hiring professionals like Invent Help, to help you out would be wise.

Because the applicant has no right to exclude, at the application stage, the applicant must be wary of exposing too much of the invention. For example, an applicant should only show the written description of the invention, and not the claims. It is the claims that describes the “meets and bounds” of the property right that will be granted if the application is issued as a patent.

Withholding the claims will frustrate someone’s efforts to design around the patent you might end up getting. Also, hide or black out the dates and any signatures of witnesses. If you show copies of your inventor’s notebook, likewise black out the names and dates of witnesses, this prevents someone from claiming that their idea predates your idea. Be particularly careful with a provisional, as there are no claims, the person reading the provisional might be able to make something you won’t claim in the utility that replaces the provisional.

Also, only show as much as is necessary to achieve your goal. For example, perhaps the claimed invention has three embodiments of a new display device: a computer monitor, an portable display for a cell phone, and a television. If the applicant were trying to license the computer monitor to a computer manufacturer, then only the parts of the specification relating to the computer monitor should be shown to prospective licensees as you can read from article.

Why Choose Premium WordPress Themes?

A lot of bloggers and web designers search Premium WordPress Themes although they need to pay for the premium themes. Actually the premium themes are not really that expensive and they even provide additional features that make them more attractive. Take for example Agent Image – a real estate WordPress site builder. You can make a beautiful real estate site with your listings and the cost is really minimal as stated on

Why do we purchase a Premium Theme? There are several reasons why choose premium themes:

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  • With free themes, however, you have to contend with imperfect or erroneous codes and it is also rare for free WordPress theme makers to answer questions.

How To Apply For a Patent And Protect Your Inventions

Understanding how to apply for a patent, can be a complicated process, particularly if it is your first time. Most applications are rejected the first time. You will no doubt have to appeal these rejections and make amendments to your patent claim.

It is not uncommon for filing a patent to take up to 3 years or more. Taking on the task to patent it yourself can lead to many denials. It’s definitely recommended to speak with a patent attorney or patent agency such as InventHelp that understand patent law and invention protection.

Speak The Language Of The Patent Examiner

One of the first steps in applying for a patent involves submitting the patent application to the USPTO. Unless you enjoy reading content that seems it was only made for the eyes of judges and lawyers, it is important to learn a little legal terminology.

The lingo on patent applications is very law specific. When researching how to apply for a patent, the way you convey your written words can affect whether or not you are approved or rejected.

The potential for a success response increases if you enlist the services of a patent attorney or agency like Invent Help as you can see from InventHelp reviews. The better you answer the questions and objections, the more of a chance the patent examiner will see things in your favor.

Many inventors have missed out on profitable opportunities because of poor execution in their ability to write in a descriptive and convincing manor. They apply for a patent without a solid plan of attack for getting the response they want.

Checking For STDs

Getting a sexually transmitted diseases is something that people should be aware of, if they are sexually active or not. Diseases are transmitted easily and can take control of your life and anyone that you infect. You should be aware of STD testing and how it can benefit you or your partner. If you have sex with multiple partners, it is highly advised to get std testing done. Options for testing includes STD home testing, going to free clinics for STD testing, or just going into your primary doctor. You will get the std testing you need along with other support to guide you in your journey of dealing with stds.

What Tests Are Available?

STD testing comes in different packages according to your needs and budget. Most At Home STD Tests will come with urine cups, swabs, bio-hazard bags, transport tubes, and ice packs, all depending on what each test requires as you can see from Mylabbox. Sexually transmitted diseases testing is available for chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV, and syphilis. Costs for tests range from about $125 to $250, but syphilis only cost about $25. Shipping for the kits will also be charged and range from about $45 to $80, and is usually done via Fed Ex. Results for these tests can take anywhere from 2-7 days, depending on which test you choose. Not all STD home testing kits are approved by the FDA, so research each one until you find one that is approved.

Why Choose Free Clinics

Dealing with an sexually transmitted diseases on your own can be scary and lonely. If you fear rejection or judgement from others about getting an std testing done, look for free clinics for std testing in your area. Clinics can benefit you in ways that going to your own doctor cannot. Since the clinics are mainly for STD testing and disease control, the general population of patients attending will be there for that reason. Judgements will be lowered or eliminated since everyone will be sitting and waiting for STD testing.

If you wish to speak to someone regarding your situation prior to STD testing, counseling will be provided. Once you have completed your STD testing, counseling is provided to speak about your options if you show positive results. Surgery is usually a last option, but the clinic may have doctors they can refer you to.

What to Do If You Are Positive For STDs

Getting back positive results from STD testing can make you feel dirty and less of a person. It is important not to sulk in your sorrows for long because the disease is not going away. Taking action against your disease is a healthy way to overcome it. If you took a STD home testing kit, be sure to call your doctor or the health department right away. Make an appointment to get checked. They can do internal exams to see how far the disease has spread. If you found out the results of your STD testing from one of the free clinics for testing, ask them for help. They can send you to a doctor who will further examine you. Ask all the questions you can about the disease, educating yourself so you can protect yourself during sex in the future.

STDS can be deadly in some cases, so it is important to get the help you need immediately. You should understand the types of stds and the STD testing available for them. Never avoid taking STD testing if you feel you are at risk. Exposure to stds left unnoticed can lead to serious problems which may affect more than just your sexual organs. Antibiotics can be prescribed if you are suffering from a large breakout, but that only helps to rid of inflammation from the disease and will not cure it.

Why And When To Apply For A Provisional Patent

An invention is considered suitable for patenting when it meets two of the most important criteria: firstly, it is innovative, novel and has the potential for usefulness. Secondly, there should be definite a need in society for making the invention available. When inventors do not have enough time to wait for a regular patent to be approved and come through, they file for a provisional patent. It could be termed as a ‘temporary’ patent, till such times a more detailed application is filed for the invention.

There are many reasons why provisional patents are filed. One of them is a provisional patent application can be used in case the invention has to undergo any change or modification during the patenting process. Another reason is economy. Applying for a provisional patent can decrease the total amount of money spent in the entire patent process. Some people file for provisional patents to enhance the number of years applicable on a particular patent. There are patenting agencies that provide help for new inventors, so they could help as well.

The Patent and Trademark Office is responsible for issuing provisional patents. The important factors associated with a provisional patent are: it is valid only for a period of twelve months; the process of filing for such a patent is not as long-drawn or complicated as filing for a regular patent; the Patent Office does not conduct a very deep review of applications for such a patent, when they are filed.

There are a few advantages of following the procedure of filing for a provisional patent:

One of the biggest advantages is that you can modify any specification of the invention without affecting its validity. It adds to convenience, since you can protect your invention, while you are still developing it further. This is not possible when applying for final patent.

A provisional patent application can offer international protection which is valid for one year. This is a unique benefit considering that other types of patents are applicable for a specific country only.

A provisional patent provides enough time to the inventor to do more groundwork, like looking for a financier, etc. who may get sold on the idea and finance the entire patenting.

A provisional patent costs far cheaper than a final patent. In fact an estimated reduction would be 10 to 12 times less expensive.

It is always advisable to seek the help of professional patent agencies, such as InventHelp or attorneys, who have the requisite skills and expertise in filing such patents, rather than doing it yourself. The Provisional Specification is probably the cheapest form of gaining complete legal protection around the world and is designed for first-time inventors in mind.

Vegan Diet Weight Loss Lifestyle

For over centuries, people from around the world have always considered that vegan diets were just for sissies. However, these so-called “sissies” have actually built a solid and healthy body that would last at least ten years more than those who would call them names. Practiced by many religions and groups worldwide, going vegan has certainly become one of the most popular movements of the generation due to the various benefits it has on the body. What is it with this vegan diet weight loss lifestyle and what does it do to the body, exactly?

What is vegan-ism anyway?

Vegan-ism is a form of lifestyle that involves a diet consisting solely of vegetables and fruits without any form of meat, dairy products, poultry, and all the other products that came from animals. The common forms of ingredients included in the edible category of vegans are legumes, grains, beans, and of course all the groups of vegetables and fruits.

Some people might call it dull, but everything relies on the preparation of these dishes without the use of animal products. However, if the fact that following the vegan diet weight loss way may solve the many issues of the world like obesity, heart diseases, stroke and other associated illnesses, then this method might actually be one of the best ways to enjoy life itself.

But the question is how does one typical person go from a non-vegan lifestyle to a vegan lifestyle? The trick to make this possible is only discipline. Without a sound mind and body to go healthy and fit, then this would not be even possible in the first place. So the very first thing to do is to convert those dishes that a person usually enjoys. For example, substituting a person’s favorite meat may be an easy start, because there are a lot of Vegan Meats alternatives in the market that are delicious.

Probably, one of the best ways to enjoy the newly-converted vegan lifestyle is to explore dishes. The most delicious dishes are not found at the local restaurant found nearby, but on those exotic and out-of-the-country meals, because they are usually the ones that promote health and flavor at the same time. It would not hurt to try, but if people could not get it the first time, then there are other cuisines from other countries to try out as well.

Middle Eastern, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes and cuisines are welcome to those vegans, and they are all healthy, tasty and inexpensive. Perhaps the best reminder is to take a break once in a while. It is sometimes not worth it to stay in agony forever, but if one wishes it an allotted cheat day can also help, but only if the person knows how to limit his or her intake. Discipline should still be in the works here.

Hiring professional Maxi Cab Services

Personalized travelling experience with the Maxi cabs is equivalent to owning a car with a driver. You can get the best of these from the Maxi cab providers in Singapore without any hassle. Below are some benefits of using Maxi Cab services:

The Unique Cab Experience:

The experience that people have using the Maxi cab services are definitely wonderful. People can get the cabs very easily anytime both online or by calling the agency, in the middle of night or in the peak of the day.

Great comfort

Also, the Maxi cab service providers in Singapore offer all kinds of vehicles to choose from for different occasions. The Maxi cabs provide people with an utmost comfort during the travel.

Available at night

Also, these cab services can be easily hired in the dead of night, and they will be right on time.


Safety is definitely one of the biggest benefits of these Maxi cab car services without any doubt. People can feel safe with these services due to the various measures.

Timely service

The timely pickups and drops are the guaranteed. You can rest assured that once you make a call your cab will get there really soon.