Non-Surgical Face Lifting: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Looking younger is not a new fashion standard and people seem to have been obsessed with youth ever since the dawn of civilization. However, only modern medicine and technology have been able to provide people with solutions for their dream. Injections, surgery and face creams have become widely popular around the world and both women and men use them to rejuvenate their skin. While these methods may fail sometimes (face creams, for example) and while some of them may leave ugly scars behind, you should also know that there is one more method: the so-called “non-surgical face lifting” using the face lifting anti-aging device.

This method is still not as popular as the other techniques out there, but its fame is growing with every day that passes by. It is rather easy to understand why non-surgical face lifting is so appreciated out there. First of all, it is completely pain-free and it does not imply surgery, the costs of surgery and the terror of going under the knife. Secondly, you can go back to your normal activities after every session of treatment is done. Thirdly (and this may be one of the most important aspects), it actually works and it shows almost miraculous results.

There are three major steps involved in this type of “face lifting”: microdermabrasion, electroporation and oxygen infusion. The first step deeply exfoliates the skin and prepares it for what comes next by making sure impurities and dead skin are taken out of the way.

The second step is related to electrical impulses that are sent into the skin to make it more “open” to absorbing a strong serum that is to be applied. Basically, this skin rejuvenation technique is based on two things: a special collagen-rich serum and a device that sends small electrical impulses into the skin, stimulates it and allows the serum to enter into its deep layers. The electrical impulses are not painful, but they are necessary because they invert the polarity of the skin cells for a very short amount of time, to allow it to be more permeable for the serum.

Last but not least, the third step uses a special device that applies pressurized pure hyperbaric oxygen into the skin. Since oxygen has a refreshing effect, the skin will look brighter, younger and fresher and it will help with the further blending into the skin of the collagen serum.

All these three steps are important for long-term effectsand, depending on your skin issue and how serious it is, you will need a few sessions of this. Taking into consideration the effects as well as the fact that they will be long-term, the fact that it will not be painful and the fact that you can simply go back to your life after the treatment -no need for hospitalization and for taking days off work- it will all be worth it. This technique can be used for a wide variety of skin issues, and not just for skin rejuvenation. Sun-damaged skin and acne marks can also be improved by using the three steps described here.

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